Friday, January 18, 2008

hurrah Modalbox

I needed a modal dialog for Traxtuff ( I've searched far and wide, and came up with this one:
aka "Andrew Okonetchnikov's modalbox".
I found some other good stuff like ThickBox, but I use Prototype and Scriptaculous already and Thickbox is based on jQuery. jQurey is great. Prototype/Scriptaculous is also great.
there's also "Lightbox" and "Lightbox gone wild" (you can see links to others on the modalBox page).
for me modalbox worked great, and since it made such a good impression I am considering also adopting their tooltips lib.
browsing around their site I read the blog and was also happy to find some interesting content and almost no BS :)
so, I'll keep you posted if I have any trouble or need to tweak it. so far it worked great out of the box.

UPDATE 25/1:
I ran across some encoding problem in IE7, (didn't test on IE6) - I don't know if it's in modalBox, but I will describe my solution here anyway. if anybody can shed more light on the subject please do.
so: I use modalBox to do invitation previews. before inviting users to the site the users see a preview of the invitation about to be sent. I used modalBox to display the preview - just pass the invitation preview URL + a couple of parameters to modalBox and it does the rest very nicely.
the problem I had was that the personal message, which I also sent by GET, appeared garbled in the preview modalbox. this only happened on IE7.
I added the line
header('Content-type: text/html;charset=UTF-8');
to the preview code, hoping it's a header issue, but no such luck.
then I decided to try another approach and just base64ed the message field and decoded it in the preview script. this solved the problem.
shame on me, I didn't dive deeper inside to find the reason for this. but if you know it or have suggestions - thanks in advance.